• Assess by research.  I review relevant internal and external communication vehicles and media messages.Daniel_Pink
  • Interview the top team.  I use individual interviews or facilitated workshops to get a picture of the story snapshots that are currently being used in the organization.
  • Create Personal and team story portfolios.  I write “Who am I” and “Who are We” and “Vision” stories that connect and engage corporate customers and audiences.
  • Teach my personal story formula I teach my storytelling formula so leaders can create future stories as needed by plugging in new story data.
  • Presentation coaching and story speech writing.  I write speeches and coach delivery using key messages and authentic business stories to improve leadership and visibility while inspiring and engaging audiences.

Workshop Testimonials

“Michelle’s storytelling formula applies directly today.  I never thought of storytelling in a formula, but the Romeo and Juliet Story Vine is a method with an analogy that really hits home.” -3M Engineer 

“Michelle brings a whole new perspective on how to approach a presentation.”  3M Engineer

“I brought Michelle in to work with my team of engineers.  Her storytelling formula really resonated with me and I wanted my engineers to have this perspective in their presentations and conversations.  I’m happy to say, my engineers still think in numbers but are now talking in stories.” 3M Manager 

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