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My favorite TED talks always involve story and that’s why one of my favorite’s is Brene Brown’s TED on vulnerability.  Brown makes the case for story in her vulnerability research.  The author of Dare Greatly, indicates stories engage us at the core of our beings.  Why story and why not a list?  Vulnerable story changes our core beliefs and, therefore, bullet points just won’t do the trick.

Additionally, there is science behind why stories engage us differently than lists or bullet points.  An enormous body of research confirms story activates areas in our brain that we would use when experiencing actual events. A story about the pulpy, tart juice of a lemon dripping over the edge of a cutting board — our sensory cortex lights up.  A story about running through the open breezes of a soft meadow — scans reveal brain activity in the motor cortex.

Story activates our minds in ways that make us feel like we are having actual visual, tactile and kinesthetic experiences.  This means that story makes ideas, thoughts, and connections stick inside our heads and makes us excited to share and move in new ways.  What’s your favorite TED story?