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What are the storylines that provoke us to action?  We’ve all heard them.  Stories that hit us, unexpectedly, and resonate somewhere right around our bellybuttons.  Gut-clubbing stories are the secret weapon of winning leaders.

An example of story weaponry is Argo, the movie representation of 1979 American hostage situation in Iran. Ben Affleck plays Tom Mendez the CIA exfiltrator and gets into a confrontation with one of the six hostages. The hostage yells, “You’re crazy if you think your little story is going to save us!”  Affleck responds, “My little story is the only thing standing between you and a bullet in your head.” The phony film story saves the lives of six Americans smuggled out of Iran that day.

In this whitepaper in partnership 9 Clouds Digital Literacy, I build the case for a personal story framework and analyze the seven proven storylines of repeatable dramas business leaders use to win business.

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Move Your Story to Action — 7 Storylines that Win.