• Story Portfolios: (Personal, Business, Interview, Branding Story Porfolios)

    • Creation Stories, “Who am I,” and “Who are we,”
    • Value Stories “What I believe,” and “How I work?”
    • Vision Stories “Where we are going” and “What’s the future?”
  • Research Writing:cropped-pears.jpg

    • Feature Articles
    • White Papers
    • Case Studies
    • Branding Story Portfolios and Projects
    • Speech Writing
  • Strategic Content:

    • Personal Branding Content
    • Personal Web/Story Content

Story Portfolio Testimonial

“Michelle wrote a story portfolio of “Who am I” and “Who are We” stories for me.  I’ve used these personal stories in a lot of situations, like customer presentations and in everyday conversations to connect with prospective customers.”-National Sales Director, Japs Olson

 Japs Olson

“My anxiety about public speaking has prevented me from delivering a solid presentation in the past.  Michelle helped me craft my presentation into my own story and do so in a way that was authentic, inviting & compelling.  I have never felt so confident in presenting & had an audience so receptive.  Michelle is not only a gifted story teller, but excels at listening & consulting to get you the results you want to achieve.  You bring the knowledge and she helps craft your message into a story that grabs people’s attention & suddenly you become a book they can’t put down!” -Director, Client Relations, Bright Horizons  Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 8.10.00 AM


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