Consultant Media Package — Sharing Your Personal Story in a Professionally Produced Video

Michelle LeBow and Edgar Linares propose a Media package with professional video scripting, shooting, and editing packages for independent and group consultants.

Executive Lifestyle Media helps you share your video story in an up-close and personal way.  Your package includes an intimate video feature story of you and your services/products/and B-roll with your consultant partners via Emmy-award winning news broadcaster, video producer, and editor (EL Media Portfolio.)

ml-slider-2-imageVideo Specs

  1. 1 to 1:30 minute video
  2. Logo/personal contact Info
  3. Custom service/product, website, and/or group consultant video shots
  4. Personal script writing consultation
  5. Personal studio video shoot


  1. Group Consultants (Scheduled in groups of 3)
    1. $499
    2. $50 set-up fee (this is a one-time cost to shoot the product and set-up logo, contact info)
    3. Discounted rate for video updates throughout the year.

Executive Lifestyle Media Sample Video