Yesterday, we had our first session on What’s Your Legacy. As in all first times, I was nervous. Would I be able to share what building Legacy is with the people in the audience? One man quickly piped up saying, “Without a strong brand and being able to promote yourself in today’s busy media world, you can’t be successful.”

He’s right. I agreed with him. His insight brought me to a new question, “Michelle, really, what is the difference between Brand and Legacy.”

I’ve struggled with the difference between Brand and Legacy, and ultimately, I believe the difference lies in the depth, the intimacy, and the purpose.

Brand is a more superficial way to think about and “promote” ourselves. Legacy begs us to move further on an inward journey – to discover truly who and why we are, what we believe in, and our vision for future.

The way we share and communicate a Legacy isn’t really about promotion, either. Legacy is an invitation to share your creativity and soul with the world. When we work on building our Legacy we aren’t promoting ourselves with the sole intention to be more successful, we are inviting others to share meaningful story experiences with us. Legacy means doing the hard work of building purposeful and intentional experiences into our daily lives and into the way we show-up in every interaction to make the world a better place.

The best way to start your building Legacy are resources. Please connect with us for Legacy resources.