As brand voice and story becomes more complicated via the layers of story sharing tools, making the shift into non-traditional ways of viewing voice and story becomes more important. The traditional approach to viewing brand and building brand voice is marketing and building story content around the company brand. The flaw in the traditional approach to a company’s brand voice is in disregarding the individual people – the team of employees – who contribute in building the collective brand voice.

Mini-Brands inside Bigger Brands

The key differentiator in building a collective brand voice for the organization is to start thinking of individual team members as ‘mini-brands” inside the organization. Every “mini-brand” inside of the organization impacts the company’s collective brand voice. In viewing individuals as mini-brands inside a bigger brand, we build a more authentic and collective brand voice of shared story experiences to influence our customers and clients.

How to Build Collective Brand Voice

How to build strategic collective brand voice in your organization? The collective brand voice starts by gathering data through individual brand assessments. The brand assessment uncovers each unique voice and how each “mini-brand” (employees and/or team members) is sharing story experiences. From there, a meaningful shared and collective bigger brand story is weaved together by including the unique voices of the “mini-brands” in the organization. The collective voice of indivuals on the team becomes the driver in building and positioning the company brand.

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