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Michelle LeBow interviews executives to help build and share their legacy. What does building a legacy mean?

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Why 360 Data is the Foundation for Your Legacy

A few days ago, I entered a local, afternoon networking conference. A stunningly youthful college student handed me my free book and agenda. I clipped my nametag to my blouse button and walked into the [...]

Is Executive Presence Strictly About Appearance?

Last week, I went to an excellent seminar from a well-known and inspiring corporate image consultant. Image, or the perception people have of us, is important to me -- as someone who works in the [...]

What Legacy Means for 2016

  Three Sundays ago, on a four-hour drive home from the cornfields and windmills from Sioux Falls to St. Paul, I listened to author Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast onMagic Lessons. Her podcast is an offshoot of [...]

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